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Five Things You Don’t Want on Your Car Seats

If you’re like most people, you recognize that a car is a big investment and you want to keep yours looking nice. There’s nothing worse than having to get into someone’s car and having to sit on food-stained seats and crumbs. And don’t even think about resale value. If the first thing people see is a ripped or stained seat, chances are they’ll keep looking for a car that has been taken care of better. If you want to ensure your seats stay clean and like new, consider investing in car seat protectors. There are many things you don’t want to have on your seats, and the seat protectors from K4 Dynamics can help. Read on to learn about five things you don’t want on your seats.

Pet Hair

We know you love your pets, but that doesn’t mean you should carry them with you — in the form of pet hair on your clothes — wherever you go. Pet hair is difficult to remove from upholstery and black pants alike. Keep it from getting on either by using a car seat protector.


It’s hard enough to fit a workout into your busy schedule, so having time to take a shower and change afterwards doesn’t always happen. When you skip the shower, your seats will pay the price when you transfer all of that sweat and body odor right to your seats.

Water and Chlorine

Summer is perfect for long days at the pool. However, every time you pick up your wet little ones from splash time, they bring chlorine with them from the pool. Not only do you end up with wet seats (which can result in a musty smell), but chlorine can wreak havoc on your seats.


Whether it’s motor oil or french fry oil, you don’t want it on your seats. Trying to wash it off with water or water-based cleaners will only cause it to spread. And, since banishing french fries from your car is not a likely option, keep your seats covered and protected instead.



For many people, coffee is not only delicious, it’s a survival tool. It’s what helps you wake up in the morning and gets you through the day. While it smells good when it’s fresh, it doesn’t smell so good days after you’ve spilled it on your seat. Keep your seats smelling like new by protecting them from spills.

Your car seats are subjected to many things every day, each presenting a new opportunity to add to the dirt, stains, and smells. Keep your car seats looking like new by ordering your car seat protectors from K4 Dynamics today.