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How to Get Your Kids Excited About a Big Roadtrip

Planning a family road trip takes a lot of effort. There are so many things to do in addition to just figuring out where to go. The time leading up to your trip can be stressful as you work tirelessly to get everything ready. Your days are filled with laundry, packing and making arrangements with your house/pet-sitter. How do you make sure that the few weeks before your road trip is just as much fun as the trip itself? Get your kids involved!

One of the biggest joys of planning a trip is the anticipation of your upcoming adventure. A simple thing such as buying a bathing suit or ordering a new car travel organizer can fuel the excitement. When everyone is looking forward to the family vacation you’re sure to get more help around the house, and help with crossing off the “to-dos” on your pre-vacation list. Keep reading for ideas on how to get the kids excited about your upcoming road trip.

Six Months Ahead

Start a count-down calendar at least six months ahead (or whenever you scheduled your trip if you didn’t plan it that far in advance). Your kids may want to design a special one themselves, or if your kids are a bit older, they might want to download a countdown App for their phone. Whichever way you decide to do it, being able to cross off the days until your vacation will surely enhance the anticipation.

Two Months Ahead

Get the family together to exchange ideas about the trip schedule. Are there certain places that you’ll want to visit? Where will you stop along the way? The youngest kiddos may not have much input, but the older ones definitely will. Don’t worry about setting up a formal itinerary, instead use this time to get everyone thinking about the great time you’ll have together and the fun memories you’ll be creating.

One Month Ahead

With only one month to go, now is the time to buy a few new things for your trip. Maybe some warm-weather clothes, or new games to make the road trip more fun? If you anticipate having a car full of kids, all of their “stuff,” and possibly even some pets, you might want to consider a way to keep everything clean and organized. Seat covers and car travel organizers can be a huge help with this. Keep in mind that you should try to do your online ordering at least a month in advance to avoid having to make last-minute purchases. The closer you get to the day of your road trip, the busier you’ll be, so it’s best to get some tasks out of the way when you can.

One Week Ahead

Have the kids make a list of a few things they want to bring on the trip. The point of this exercise isn’t to see how much you can fit into the car, but it’s to get them thinking of what’s most important to them. If you’re going on a long road trip, it’s great to have things that will help them pass the time, but it’s also necessary to make sure everyone has room to fit in the car! By identifying what is most important, and discussing what you actually have room for, you’ll set expectations ahead of time and avoid a vacation day meltdown.

One Day Ahead

It’s the day before your trip and hopefully, everyone is ready and excited to go. To ensure a smooth and stress-free start, pack your car the day before you leave. Put together a bag with plenty of drinks and snacks, load your suitcases, and organize each person’s seating area. If you’ve ordered your car travel organizer from K4 Dynamics, you’ll be in great shape and have a place to keep everything. Lastly, just relax and remember what planning a road trip is all about — having fun and creating memories!

If you have a road trip coming up, or just need a way to better organize your daily commute, contact K4 Dynamics LLC. We’ll help make your life a little easier!