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How To Keep Your Car Clean (Even With Kids!)

Keeping your car clean and neat is hard enough if you are the only one in it. When you include the mess and clutter that accompanies kids in the car, it can be even more difficult to keep your vehicle looking good.

Throw Away Trash

Trash clutters up the car quickly. Make it a point to get rid of all trash at every gas stop and bathroom break. If you use our backseat car organizer, line one of the roomy mesh pockets with a grocery bag and make this your dedicated trash place until you find an actual trash can.

Deep Clean Regularly

Throwing away trash and bringing in toys at the end of the day can make a car appear clean, but when you look closely, you are likely to find crumbs, sticky spills, and dirt scattered around the car. Make it a habit to deep clean your car a few times every year.

Organize The Trunk

There are a few items that many of us keep in the trunk at all times. This can include jumper cables, an umbrella, an ice scraper, gloves, emergency kit, tools, and the like. Rather than keeping these scattered around the floor of the trunk, put everything into a giant tote bag so you can use the rest of your trunk space for groceries or sports gear.

Give Kids “Clean Car Points”

Every time the family leaves the car, remind the kids to bring in all of their trash, toys, and other items that shouldn’t stay in the car overnight. Have a bin inside for them to deposit all of the car items. Each item earns one point. Each item left in the car deducts one point. When they reach point milestones, reward them with a special treat, activity, or outing.

Keep Car Items and Home Items Separate

For everyday car rides, keep a few games, snacks, and activities available for the kids at all time. This reduces the likelihood that they will bring the entire toy box and kitchen pantry with them to the car every day, limiting the overall number of items in the car.

Demonstrate Good Habits

Kids are like sponges, and they’ll soak up all of your habits, including how you keep your car! Make sure to put just as much effort into taking your trash and belongings in at the end of the day, and remind your kids that they should do the same.

Keep Cleaning Supplies At The Ready

Our backseat car organizer bag is the perfect place to keep paper towels, wet wipes, disinfecting wipes, and other must-have cleaning supplies to take care of messes as they happen.

Have An Organizational System

Our backseat car organizer bag has four roomy pockets that keep everything organized. Because they come in a pack of two, both the driver’s and passenger’s seatbacks can be used as an organized storage area. Shop K4 Dynamics today for our backseat car organizer for kids and adults as well as other kids travel accessories that help keep the car neat and tidy!