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Items Every Parent Should Always Keep In The Car

Whether you’re running to the grocery store or taking a cross-country road trip to Disney World, there a few items you should never leave home without — especially when you’re chauffeuring kids around. While many of our products can be used with or without children, K4 Dynamics has always strived to create travel accessories that make car rides with kids a breeze. From over the seat organizers that hold all of your most important items to travel trays for kids that keep little ones entertained for hours, we’ve got it all.

In today’s blog, we’re providing a helpful checklist of must-have items to keep in the car when traveling with kids and letting you know how our kids travel accessories can help keep everything organized!

Essential Items To Keep In The Car

Non-Perishable Snacks

If you’re heading out on a road trip, you can load up a cooler with string cheese, Gogurt, apples. But for everyday hunger-mergencies, keep a stash on non-perishable, kid-friendly snacks on hand like granola bars, small packets of Goldfish, and trail mix. If your kids can open their own snacks, you can keep these within their reach with our backseat car organizer or in the pockets of their travel activity lap tray.

Grocery Bags or Small Trash Bags

These are probably the most versatile item you will use. They are perfect for storing soiled clothing, dirty diapers, muddy shoes, and trash, and can also be used as a “barf bag” during an emergency. If you’re using our back seat car organizer, you can line one of the mesh pockets with a grocery bag and use it as a makeshift trash can between gas stops.


Wet wipes are always essential for cleaning up accidents, wiping dirty hands, and keeping the car and the kids as clean as possible on a road trip. You might also want to pack some disinfecting wipes to specifically clean up surfaces like car seats and kids travel trays in case of a bodily-fluid-related mess.

Hand Sanitizer

While wet wipes will make your little one’s hands and face appear clean, a good hand sanitizer will actually kill germs and make everything a little more sanitary. This is perfect for after visiting an arcade or playground where the kiddos will come in contact with a lot of germs.


From smartphones to portable video games, we live in an electronic world. Ensuring you’re traveling with the proper chargers can prevent a major meltdown when the tablet dies right in the middle of Baby Shark. Our seatback organizer (which does double duty as a waterproof kick mat) is the perfect place to store your chargers.  

Games, Toys, and Activities

Entertainment-related items are key to a successful car ride, whether it’s 20 minutes or 20 hours. Depending on what your kiddo enjoys, this could mean some molding putty, a coloring book, a tablet loaded up with cartoons and movies, or some dolls or figurines. This will help them pass the time and with a car activity tray for kids like ours, they can keep everything they need within arm’s reach.

Keep Everything Within Reach With K4 Dynamics!

Our products are designed to make life in a car easier whether you’re traveling solo or with kids. Our backseat car organizer for kids and adults is perfect for storing must-have items like snacks, wipes, grocery bags, tissues, hand sanitizer, and car chargers for electronics, while our kids travel tray is ideal for storing your kiddos belongings like their favorite toys, dry-erase markers so they can draw right on the surface of the tray, sippy cups, and easy-to-open snacks. Shop K4 Dynamics today for all of your kids car accessories!